Translation of desayunar in English:



  • to have … for breakfast solo desayuna café con tostadas she only has coffee and toast for breakfast


  • to have breakfast desayuna a las seis he has breakfast at six se vino sin desayunar she didn't have (any) breakfast before she came, she came without having had any breakfast

desayunarse v pron

  • 1 (AmL) (tomar el desayuno) to have breakfast se desayunó muy bien he had o ate a good breakfast desayunarse con algo to have sth for breakfast se desayuna con café y tostadas he has coffee and toast for breakfast
  • 2 2.1 (esp AmL) [familiar/colloquial], (enterarse) to find out ¿no lo sabías? — no, recién me desayuno didn't you know? — no, it's the first I've heard of it o I've only just found out desayunarse de algo to hear about sth ¿ahora te desayunas de su renuncia? you hadn't heard about his resignation till now? 2.2 (Chi) [familiar/colloquial], (sorprenderse) to be amazed [colloquial/familiar] me desayuno con lo que me cuentas I'm amazed at o by what you're telling me

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