Translation of descomponer in English:



  • 4 [persona] 4.1 (producir malestar) ese olor penetrante me descompone that strong smell makes me feel queasy o nauseous la noticia del accidente la descompuso she felt quite ill when she heard about the accident 4.2 (producir diarrea) to give … diarrhea*

descomponerse v pron

  • 3 [cara] (+ me/te/le etc) se le descompuso la cara cuando se lo dije he looked really upset o his face dropped a mile when I told him
  • 5 [persona] 5.1 (sentir malestar) hacía tanto calor que se descompuso it was so hot that he started feeling sick o queasy se descompuso cuando supo la noticia he felt quite ill when he heard the news 5.2 (del estómago) to have an attack of diarrhea*

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