Translation of destemplar in English:


or (Colombia, Perú/Colombia, Peru)


  • 1 [guitarra/violín] to make … go out of tune
  • 3 (América Latina/Latin America) [dientes] to set … on edge

destemplarse v pron

  • 1 (indisponerse) to become unwell; (con fiebre) to get a slight fever, to get a bit of a temperature (inglés británico/British English)
  • 2 [tiempo] to become unpleasant o/or unsettled
  • 3 [Música/Music] [instrumento] to go out of tune
  • 4 [herramienta] to lose its edge
  • 5 (Andes, México/Andes, Mexico) [dientes] (+ me/te/le etc) al oír ese ruido se me destemplan los dientes that noise sets my teeth on edge

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