Translation of destinado in English:




  • 1 1.1 (predestinado) destinado a algo destined for sth estaba destinado a la vida religiosa he was destined for religious life destinado al fracaso destined to fail estaba destinado a tener una muerte violenta he was destined to die a violent death parece que está destinada a sufrir she seems doomed o/or destined to suffer 1.2 (dirigido, asignado)destinado a algo las cajas destinadas a Montevideo the boxes for o bound for o being sent to Montevideo dos cajas destinadas a nuestras oficinas en León two boxes consigned to o/or destined for our offices in León los aviones destinados a este fin the planes used for this purpose una política destinada a estrechar estos lazos a policy aimed at strengthening these links comida destinada a ser distribuida entre los refugiados food destined o/or intended for distribution among the refugees
  • 2 2.1 [militar] destinado en Ceuta stationed in Ceuta 2.2 [funcionario/diplomático] ahora está destinado en Lima now he's in Lima, he's been posted o sent o assigned to Lima

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