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  • 1.1 [Anatomía/Anatomy] [Zoología/Zoology] tooth tengo un diente picado I've got a bad tooth le están saliendo los dientes he's cutting his teeth, he's teething, his teeth are coming through lavarse or cepillarse los dientes to clean o/or brush one's teeth armado hasta los dientes armed to the teeth daba diente con diente my/his teeth were chattering de (los) dientes para afuera (Andes, México/Andes, Mexico) [familiar/colloquial], siempre habla de (los) dientes para afuera he never means what he says promete cosas de (los) dientes para afuera he makes promises he never intends to keep no creo que lo haya sentido, lo dijo de (los) dientes para afuera I don't think he was sorry, he just said he was o/or he was just going through the motions enseñar or mostrar los dientes, el perro les enseñó los dientes the dog bared its teeth at them los sindicatos empiezan a enseñar los dientes the unions are beginning to show their teeth entretener el diente (Cono Sur/Southern Cone) [familiar/colloquial], comí una manzana para entretener el diente I had an apple to keep me going o/or as a snack nos dieron maní para entretener el diente mientras esperábamos they gave us some peanuts to nibble while we waited hablar or murmurar entre dientes to mutter (under one's breath) hincarle el diente a algo [comida] to sink one's teeth into sth [fortuna] to get one's hands on sth [asunto] to come o/or (inglés británico/British English) get to grips with sth pelar el diente (México, Venezuela/Mexico, Venezuela) [familiar/colloquial] to smile pelar los dientes (Andes, Venezuela) [familiar/colloquial] (sonreír) to smile [perro] to bare its teeth ponerle los dientes largos a algn [familiar/colloquial] to make sb green with envy [familiar/colloquial], to make sb jealous tener buen diente or (Chile) ser bueno para el diente [familiar/colloquial] to have a healthy o/or hearty appetite, be a good eater [familiar/colloquial] 1.2 (de un engranaje) tooth; (de una sierra) tooth; (de un tenedor) prong, tine


diente caduco

  • deciduous tooth

diente canino

diente de ajo

diente de leche

diente de león

diente incisivo

diente molar

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