Translation of difícil in English:



  • 1 1.1[ser] [problema/tema/situación] difficult el examen fue muy difícil the exam was very hard o difficult es un problema difícil it's a tricky o difficult problem corren tiempos difíciles para nuestra economía this is a difficult time for our economy con tu actitud me lo estás poniendo más difícil you're not making it any easier for me o you're making it harder for me by being like that no creo que gane, lo tiene muy difícil I don't think she'll win, she's in a difficult position me fue muy difícil decírselo it was very hard o difficult for me to tell him resulta difícil evaluar las pérdidas it is difficult o hard to put a figure on the losses cada vez se hace más difícil encontrar un buen empleo it is becoming more and more difficult o it's becoming harder and harder to get a good job difícil de + inf difficult o hard to + inf mi madre es muy difícil de complacer my mother is very hard o difficult to please 1.2[estar] [familiar/colloquial] está la cosa difícil things are pretty difficult o tricky [colloquial/familiar]
  • 2[ser] (poco probable) es posible pero lo veo difícil it's possible, but I think it's unlikely o I don't think it's very likelydifícil que + subj va a ser muy difícil que acepte it's very unlikely that he'll accept veo difícil que gane I doubt if she'll win, I think it's unlikely that she'll win
  • 3[ser] [persona/carácter] difficult un niño difícil a difficult child

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