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  • 1 [formal] (establecer, ordenar) to provide [formal], to stipulate [formal] la ley dispone que … the law provides o stipulates that … en cumplimiento con lo dispuesto en el artículo primero in accordance with the provisions of article onedisponer + inf la junta ha dispuesto subir la cuota de los socios the committee has decided to increase membership fees el juez dispuso cumplir la orden de inmediato the judge ruled that the order be complied with immediatelydisponer que + subj dispuso que todos sus bienes pasaran a la Iglesia he laid down o stipulated that his entire estate should go to the Church, he bequeathed his entire estate to the Church se dispuso que se efectuara por la noche it was decided that it should be carried out at night el juez dispuso que fuera puesta en libertad the judge ordered her release o ordered that she should be freed la ley dispone que se haga así the law stipulates o says that it must be done like this
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  • 1.1 (tener a disposición) disponer de algn/algo to have sb/sth at one's disposal puede disponer de mí para lo que guste [formal] I am at your disposal [formal] ¿dispones de un minuto? do you have a minute?, have you got a minute? ya ni puedo disponer de lo que es mío now I can't even do what I like with what's mine dispone de cuatro años para pagar you have four years in which to pay con los recursos de que dispongo with the means available to me o at my disposal la empresa no dispone de fondos the company has no funds available 1.2 (vender, dar) disponer de algo to dispose of sth

disponerse v pron

  • [formal]disponerse a + inf mientras se disponían a tomar un tren as they were preparing to o were about to catch a train la tropa se dispuso a atacar the troops made ready to o prepared to attack se había dispuesto a lograrlo en un plazo de dos años she had resolved to achieve it within two years

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