There are 2 translations of doble in English:



There are 2 translations of doble in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • 1 [Matemáticas/Mathematics] los precios aumentaron al doble prices doubled tardó el doble she took twice as long el doble de tres es seis twice three is six, two threes are six lo hizo el doble de rápido she did it twice as quickly pesa el doble de lo que peso yo he weighs twice as much as I do, he's twice as heavy as me lleva el doble de tela it uses double the amount of fabric el doble que algn/algo twice as much as sb/sth gana el doble que yo she earns twice as much as I do o/or double what I do come el doble que tú he eats twice as much as you (do) me cobraron el doble que a ti they charged me twice as much as they did you o/or as they charged you tienes que poner el doble de leche que de agua you have to use twice as much milk as water es el doble de largo que de ancho it's twice as long as it is wide