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Translation of encargar in English:

verbo transitivo/transitive verb

  • 1 (encomendar) 1.1 [tarea/misión] ¿cómo le encargaste un asunto de tanta importancia? why did you entrust him with such an important matter?, why did you give him responsibility for o/or put him in charge of such an important matter? me encargó el cuidado de la casa en su ausencia he asked me to look after the house while he was away encargar a algn que + subjuntivo/subjunctive to ask sb to + infinitivo/infinitive me encargó que le regara las plantas he asked me to water the plants for him le encargaron que buscara una solución al conflicto they charged him to find a solution to the conflict, he was entrusted o/or charged with the task of finding a solution to the conflict, he was given the job o/or task of finding a solution to the conflict 1.2 [compra] me encargó una botella de whisky escocés she asked me to buy o/or get her a bottle of Scotch, she asked me to bring her back a bottle of Scotch

verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

  • [familiar/colloquial] ¿ya encargó? is she expecting already? no quieren encargar todavía they don't want to try for a baby yet

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (encargarse)

  • encargarse de algo/algn trae algo de comer, yo me encargo de las bebidas you bring something to eat, I'll take care of o I'll see to o I'll look after o I'll deal with the drinks cuando se fue, me tuve que encargar de la contabilidad when she left I had to take over the accounts o/or take on the responsibility for the accounts la agencia se encargó de todos los detalles the agency took care of o attended to o saw to o dealt with all the details es muy joven para encargarse de una tarea tan importante he is very young to take (on) the responsibility for such an important task ¡ya me encargaré yo de él! [familiar/colloquial] I'll see to him! [familiar/colloquial], I'll take care of him! [familiar/colloquial], I'll soon sort him out! [familiar/colloquial]encargarse de + infinitivo/infinitive ¿quién se va a encargar de hacer la reserva? who's going to make the booking?, who's going to take care of o/or look after the booking? su secretaria se encarga de filtrar las llamadas her secretary screens her calls sus vecinos se han encargado de extender estos rumores their neighbors have taken it upon themselves to spread these rumorsencargarse de que + subjuntivo/subjunctive yo me encargo de que lo sepan todos I'll see to it that they all know, I'll make sure they all know, I'll let everyone know

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