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Translation of encima in English:


  • 1 (en el espacio) le puso el pie/una piedra encima he put his foot/a stone on it no tengo or llevo dinero encima I don't have any money on me se me sentaron encima they sat on top of me se tiró el café encima she spilled the coffee over herself vi el coche cuando ya lo tenía encima I didn't see the car until it was on top of me el autobús se nos venía encima the bus was coming straight at o/or toward(s) us se me vino el armario encima the cupboard came down on top of me se le vino encima una enorme responsabilidad he had to take on a great deal of reponsibility
  • 2 (en el tiempo) ya tenemos las fiestas encima the festive season is just around the corner los exámenes ya estaban encima the exams were already upon us la fecha se nos vino encima y no habíamos terminado the day arrived and we hadn't finished se nos venía or echaba encima la noche night was falling (around us)
  • 3 (además) es caro y encima de mala calidad it's expensive and, not only that, it's poor quality le han dado el mejor lugar — ¡y encima se queja! they've given her the best seat — and she goes and complains! y encima, no me lo quiso devolver and then o/or and on top of that, he wouldn't give it back!
  • 4 (en locuciones/in phrases) encima de, encima de la mesa on the table encima del armario on top of the cupboard llevaba un chal encima de la chaqueta she wore a shawl over her jacket viven encima de la tienda they live over o/or above the shop encima de caro es feo as well as being expensive, it's (also) ugly o/or not only is it expensive, it's also ugly echarse algo encima [deuda] to saddle o land o (inglés británico/British English) lumber oneself with sth [problema] to take … upon oneself echarse encima a algn (América Latina/Latin America) , se echó encima a todos los profesores he turned all the teachers against him, he got on the wrong side of all the teachers estar encima de algn or estarle encima a algn [familiar/colloquial] to be on at sb [familiar/colloquial] hacerse encima [familiar/colloquial] [eufemístico/euphemistic] (orinarse) to wet oneself (hacerse caca) todavía se hace encima he still messes his pants o/or does it in his pants por encima, esparcir las almendras por encima sprinkle the almonds over it o/or on top la miró por encima de los anteojos he looked at her over the top of his glasses los aviones volaban por encima del pueblo the planes flew over the town ella está por encima del jefe de sección she's higher up than o/or she's above the head of department pasar por encima de algn or pasarle por encima a algn (para un ascenso) to pass sb over (para una consulta, queja) to go over sb's head temperaturas por encima de lo normal above-average temperatures un porcentaje muy por encima de la media a much higher than average percentage está muy por encima de la competencia it is well ahead of the competition lo leí muy por encima I skipped through it le eché un vistazo muy por encima I just looked over o/or through it very quickly hice una limpieza muy por encima I gave the place a very quick clean por encima de todo, por encima de todo, que no se entere ella above all o/or most important, she mustn't find out pone su carrera por encima de todo she puts her career before anything else quitarse or sacarse algo/a algn de encima, me saqué ese problema de encima I got that problem out of the way por lo menos te has sacado ese peso de encima at least you've got that weight off your mind no sabía qué hacer para quitármela de encima I didn't know what to do to get rid of her

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