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  • 1.1 (embaucar) no te dejes engañar don't be misled o fooled o deceived o taken in sé que no estuviste allí, tú a mí no me engañas I know you weren't there, you can't fool me a él no se lo engaña tan fácilmente he's not so easily fooled o duped o deceived, he's not taken in that easily te han engañado, no está hecho a mano you've been cheated o conned o had o done, it's not handmade [colloquial/familiar] me engañó la vista my eyes deceived o misled me si la memoria no me engaña if my memory serves me right o correctly las apariencias engañan appearances can be deceptive engañar el hambre or el estómago to keep the wolf from the door [colloquial/familiar] comimos un poco de queso para engañar el hambre we had some cheese to keep the wolf from the door o to take the edge off our appetites o to keep us going 1.2 (ser infiel a) to be unfaithful to, cheat on (AmE) [colloquial/familiar] su marido la engaña con la secretaria her husband's being unfaithful to her o cheating on her, he's having an affair with his secretary
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engañarse v pron

  • 1.1 (refl) (mentirse) to deceive oneself, delude oneself, kid oneself [colloquial/familiar] no te engañes, no se va a casar contigo don't deceive o delude o kid yourself, she's not going to marry you
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    1.2 (equivocarse) to be mistaken duró, si no me engaño, hasta noviembre it lasted until November, if I'm not mistaken

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