Translation of entregar in English:



  • 2 2.1 (dar) to give me entregó 5.000 pesos a cuenta he gave me 5,000 pesos on account se negó a entregármelo she refused to hand it over to me me amenazó y le entregué el dinero que llevaba encima he threatened me so I gave him o handed over all the money I had on me el secretario le entregó un cheque por $50.000 the secretary gave him o handed over o presented him with a check for $50,000 me entregó un cuestionario she gave me o handed me a questionnaire hoy nos entregan las llaves de la casa they're handing over the keys of the house today, we get the keys to the house today Alberto Ruiz, para entregar a José Lerga José Lerga, c/o Alberto Ruiz entregó su alma a Dios [eufemismo/euphemism] he passed away [euphemism/eufemismo], he gave up o delivered up his soul to God [euphemism/eufemismo] entregarlas (Chi) [familiar/colloquial] to kick the bucket [colloquial/familiar], to croak [slang/argot] 2.2 [premio/trofeo] to present el alcalde le entregó las llaves de la ciudad the mayor presented him with the keys to the city hoy nos entregan los certificados we receive o get our certificates today

entregarse v pron

  • 1 (dedicarse) entregarse a algo/algn to devote oneself to sth/sb

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