Translation of entusiasmar in English:



  • 1.1 (apasionar) nada lo entusiasma he never gets enthusiastic o/or excited about anything no me entusiasma mucho la idea I'm not very enthusiastic about o/or (inglés británico/British English) keen on the idea 1.2 [persona] to make … enthusiastic, get … excited no logré entusiasmarlo con la idea I didn't manage to make him very enthusiastic o/or get him very excited about the idea me entusiasmó para que aceptara he encouraged me to accept it

entusiasmarse v pron

  • entusiasmarse con algo to get excited o/or enthusiastic about sth se entusiasmó con la idea he got excited o/or enthusiastic about the idea no te entusiasmes, que no sé si nos llega el dinero don't get excited o/or carried away, I don't know if we've got enough money

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