There are 3 translations of ese in English:


nombre femenino/feminine noun

  • [ name of the letterS ] hacer eses to zigzag, zigzag along

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There are 3 translations of ese in English:



adjetivo demonstrativo/demonstrative adjective (plural esos, esas)

There are 3 translations of ese in English:


(ése, esa, ésa)

pronombre demonstrativo/demonstrative pronoun (plural esos, ésos, esas, ésas)

The Real Academia Española recommends the form without the written accent in all cases
  • 1.1 that one; (plural) those ese es el tuyo that (one) is yours ese es el que más me gusta that's the one I like most un reloj de esos baratos que venden por la calle one of those cheap watches they sell on street corners usually indicates disapproval when used to refer to a person, esa no sabe lo que dice [familiar/colloquial], she doesn't know what she's talking about 1.2esa, ésa [Correspondencia/Correspondence] [formal][ the city to which the letter is addressed ] reside en esa he resides in Seville ( o/or Lima etc) 1.3
    (esas, ésas)
    [familiar/colloquial] (esas cosas, esos asuntos) ¡conque esas tenemos! so that's it!, so that's what he's/they're up to! ¿todavía estás en esas? are you still at it? ¡no me vengas con esas! don't give me that! [familiar/colloquial]