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Translation of esperar in English:

verbo transitivo/transitive verb

  • 2 2.1 (contar con, prever) to expect tal como esperábamos just as we expected cuando uno menos lo espera when you least expect it ven a cenar, te espero alrededor de las nueve come to dinner, I'll expect you around nine estoy esperando una llamada de Nueva York I'm expecting a call from New York esperan un lleno completo they expect a full house tuvo mayor aceptación de lo que se esperaba it proved to be more popular than had been expectedesperar que + subjuntivo/subjunctive se espera que más de un millón de personas visite la exposición over a million people are expected to visit the exhibition ¿qué esperabas, que te felicitara? what did you expect me to do? congratulate you? era de esperar que el proyecto fracasara the project was bound to fail, it was only to be expected that the project would fail no esperes que cambie de idea don't expect me to change my mind esperar algo de algn/algo to expect sth of sb/sth esperaba otra cosa de ti I expected more of you no hay que esperar mucho de las conversaciones we shouldn't expect too much of the talks de ella no puedes esperar ayuda don't expect her to help, you can't expect to get any help from her 2.2 [niño/bebé] to be expecting esperan el primer hijo para mayo they're expecting their first child in May está esperando familia she's expecting
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  • 3 (con esperanza) to hope ¿te vienen a recoger? — eso espero are they coming to collect you? — I hope so ¿quedarán entradas? — espero que sí will there be any tickets left? — I hope so ¿habrá perdido el tren? — espero que no do you think he's missed the train? — I hope notesperar + infinitivo/infinitive espero poder llegar a la cumbre esta vez I hope to be able to reach the summit this time espero no haberme olvidado de nada I hope I haven't forgotten anythingesperar que + subjuntivo/subjunctive espero que no llueva/que haga buen tiempo I hope it doesn't rain/the weather's nice espero que tengas suerte I wish you luck espero que no me haya mentido I hope he hasn't lied to me esperemos que no sea nada grave let's hope it's nothing serious ¡y yo que esperaba que estuviera todo listo! and there was I hoping that everything would be ready!

verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (aguardar) to wait lo siento, no podemos esperar más I'm sorry, we can't wait any longer mientras esperaba corregí los exámenes I corrected the tests while I was waiting espera, que bajo contigo wait a minute o/or [familiar/colloquial] hold on, I'll come down with you espere un momento, por favor wait a moment, please espera un momento ¿tú qué haces aquí? just a moment, what are you doing here? vamos, que el tren no espera come on, the train won't wait for usesperar a + infinitivo/infinitive espera a estar seguro antes de hablar con ella wait until you're sure before you talk to her mejor espero a tener un poco más de dinero ahorrado I'd better wait until I've saved a bit more moneyesperar (a) que + subjuntivo/subjunctive el profesor esperó (a) que hubiera silencio the teacher waited for them to be quiet tiene que esperar (a) que lo llamen you have to wait for them to call you o/or until they call you esperaron (a) que él se fuera para entrar they waited for him to go before they went in esperar sentado [familiar/colloquial], si piensa que lo voy a llamar puede esperar sentado if he thinks I'm going to call him he's got another think coming [familiar/colloquial] ¿que él cambie de idea? mejor espera sentada him change his mind? some hope! o don't hold your breath! o we could be waiting till the cows come home! [familiar/colloquial] quien espera desespera waiting's the worst part, the waiting gets you down 1.2 [embarazada] no sabía que estaba esperando I didn't know she was expecting ¿para cuándo espera? when's the baby due? quedar esperando (Chile) to get pregnant

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (esperarse)

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