There are 3 translations of fijo in English:




  • 1 (no movible) fixed la estantería no se puede mover, está fija the shelving can't be moved, it's fixed to the wall ( o/or floor etc) asegúrate de que la escalera está bien fija make sure the ladder is steady una lámpara fija a la pared a lamp fixed to the wall tenía la mirada fija he was staring into space, he had a glazed look in his eyes con los ojos fijos en ella with his eyes fixed on her de fijo [familiar/colloquial] for sure si te lo prometió, te lo trae de fijo if he promised it to you, I'm sure he'll bring it hoy que no preparé nada, de fijo que vienen I haven't prepared anything today so you can bet they'll turn up

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There are 3 translations of fijo in English:



  • [familiar/colloquial] ¿crees que vendrá? — fijo do you think she'll come? — definitely o/or [familiar/colloquial] sure fijo que el fin de semana llueve you can bet it'll rain at the weekend en cuanto entre en la ducha suena el teléfono, fijo you can bet that as soon as I get in the shower, the phone will ring

There are 3 translations of fijo in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • 1 (teléfono) land line