There are 2 translations of frente in English:


nombre femenino/feminine noun

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There are 2 translations of frente in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • 1 1.1 (de un edificio) front, facade [formal] unos reflectores iluminaban todo el frente the whole facade was lit up by spotlights pintaron el frente de la casa they painted the front of the house hacer(le) frente a algo/algn to face up to sth/sb hay que hacer frente a la realidad you must face up to reality le hizo frente a la vida por sus propios medios she stood on her own two feet no puede hacer frente a sus obligaciones he is unable to meet his obligations 1.2 (en locuciones/in phrases) al frente, dio un paso al frente she took a step forward, she stepped forward one pace la Orquesta Sinfónica, con López Morán al frente the Symphony Orchestra, conducted by o/or under the direction of López Morán desfilaron llevando al frente el emblema de la paz they marched behind the symbol of peace vive al frente (Chile) she lives opposite cruzó al frente para no saludarme (Chile) he crossed the road to avoid speaking to me pasar al frente (América Latina/Latin America) to come/go up to the front al frente de, están al frente de la clasificación they are at the top of the table, they lead o/or head the division iba al frente de la patrulla he was leading the patrol puso a su hija al frente de la empresa he put his daughter in charge of the company de frente, los dos vehículos chocaron de frente the two vehicles crashed head on una foto de frente a full-face photo no entra de frente it won't go in front on o/or frontways de frente a (América Latina/Latin America) facing se puso de frente a la clase she stood facing the class frente a opposite viven justo frente a mi casa they live directly opposite me se detuvo frente al museo he stopped in front of o/or opposite the museum el hotel está frente al mar the hotel faces the sea estamos frente a un grave problema we are faced with a serious problem, we have a serious problem on our hands se tomarán medidas frente al grave problema de la droga measures will be taken to confront the serious drug problem se mantiene estable frente al dólar it is holding up o/or remaining stable against the dollar hay 150, frente a las 120 del año pasado there are 150, compared to o/or as against 120 last year frente a frente face to face cuando estuvimos frente a frente no supimos qué decir when we met face to face we didn't know what to say to each other le dije frente a frente lo que pensaba de él I told him to his face what I thought of him frente por frente, la iglesia y el colegio están frente por frente the church and the school are right o/or directly opposite each other