Translation of guardar in English:


verbo transitivo/transitive verb

  • 1 (reservar) guárdale un pedazo de pastel save him a piece of cake guarda esa botella para Nochevieja keep o/or save that bottle for New Year's Eve, put that bottle aside for New Year's Eve guárdame un sitio save me a seat, keep me a place si pido la excedencia, no me guardan el puesto if I ask for leave of absence, they won't keep o/or hold my job open for me
  • 2 2.1 (poner en un lugar) to put … away guarda los juguetes put your toys away los guardé en un sitio seguro I put them (away) in a safe place ya he guardado toda la ropa de invierno I've already put away all my winter clothes guarda todos los recibos she keeps o/or [familiar/colloquial] hangs on to all her receipts 2.2 (conservar, mantener en un lugar) to keep guardo los huevos en la nevera I keep the eggs in the fridge lo tuvo guardado durante años she kept it for years los tengo guardados en el desván I've got them stored away o/or I've got them in the attic siempre guarda las medicinas bajo llave she always keeps the medicines locked away o/or under lock and key los tesoros que guarda el mar [literario/literary] the treasures which lie hidden beneath the waves [literario/literary]
  • 3 [literario/literary] (defender, proteger) la muralla que guarda el castillo the walls which defend o/or protect the castle los perros guardaban la entrada a la mansión the dogs were guarding the entrance to the mansion Dios guarde al rey God save the King Dios guarde a Vd muchos años [formal]yours respectfully [formal], may God preserve you [archaic]

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (guardarse)

  • 3 (poner en un lugar) se guardó el cheque en el bolsillo he put the check (away) in his pocket guárdatelo bien put it somewhere safe o/or look after it carefully
  • 4 (cuidarse) guardarse de + infinitivo/infinitive to be careful not to + infinitivo/infinitive se guardó mucho de mostrarles el documento she was very careful not to show them the document ya te guardarás de contar lo que pasó you'd better not tell anyone o/or you'd better make sure you don't tell anyone what happened

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