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Translation of hablar in English:

verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

  • 1 (articular palabras) to speak hablar en voz baja to speak o/or talk quietly, to speak o/or talk in a low voice habla más alto speak up habla más bajo don't speak so loudly, keep your voice down habla con un deje andaluz she speaks with a slight Andalusian accent, she has a slight Andalusian accent quítate la mano de la boca y habla claro take your hand away from your mouth and speak clearly es muy pequeño, todavía no sabe hablar he's still a baby, he hasn't started to talk yet o/or he isn't talking yet no hables con la boca llena don't talk with your mouth full hablar por la nariz to have a nasal voice, to talk through one's nose es una réplica perfecta, solo le falta hablar it's a perfect likeness, you almost expect it to start talking
  • 2 2.1 (expresarse) to speak déjalo hablar a él ahora let him speak now, let him have his say now [familiar/colloquial] no hables hasta que no se te pregunte don't speak until you're spoken to habla claro ¿cuánto quieres? tell me straight, how much do you want? [familiar/colloquial] ha hablado la voz de la experiencia there speaks the voice of experience, he speaks from experience las cifras hablan por sí solas the figures speak for themselves no sabe de qué va el tema, el caso es hablar he doesn't know what it's all about but he just has to have his say en fin, mejor no hablar anyway, I'd better keep my mouth shut ¡así se habla! that's what I like to hear! hablo en mi nombre y en el de mis compañeros I speak for myself and for my colleagues tú no hables or no hace falta que hables [familiar/colloquial] you're a fine one to talk! [familiar/colloquial], you've got no room to talk! [familiar/colloquial], you can talk! [familiar/colloquial] mira quién habla or quién fue a hablar [familiar/colloquial] look o/or hark who's talking [familiar/colloquial] hablar por hablar, no sabe nada del tema, habla por hablar he doesn't know anything about the subject, he just likes the sound of his own voice o/or he just talks for the sake of it hacer hablar a algn, ve a hacerte la cama y no me hagas hablar go and make your bed, and don't let me have to tell you twice o/or tell you again quien mucho habla mucho yerra the more you talk, the more mistakes you'll make 2.2 (+ complemento/+ complement) to speak ¿en qué idioma hablan en casa? what language do you speak at home? hablar por señas to use sign language no sabe hablar en público she's no good at speaking in public aunque no coincido con sus ideas, reconozco que habla muy bien even though I do not share his views, I accept that he is a very good speaker (el) hablar bien no cuesta dinero being polite never hurt anybody cristiano2, plata, etc
  • 4 (tratar, referirse a) hablar de algo/algn to talk about sth/sb ¿de qué están hablando? what are you talking about? hay muchas cosas de las que no puedo hablar con ella there are a lot of things I can't talk to her about tú y yo no tenemos nada de que hablar you and I have nothing to say to each other o/or nothing to discuss se pasaron toda la tarde hablando de negocios they spent the whole evening talking (about) o/or discussing business precisamente hablábamos de ti we were just talking about you estaban hablando de él a sus espaldas they were talking about him behind his back siempre está hablando mal de su suegra he never has anything good o/or a good word to say about his mother-in-law lo dejamos en 10.000 y no se hable más (de ello) let's say 10,000 and be done with it el viaje en tren sale caro, y no hablemos ya del avión going by train is expensive, and as for flying … en su libro habla de un tiempo futuro en el que … in his book he writes about o/or speaks of a time in the future when … hablar sobre oracerca de algo to talk about sth ya hablaremos sobre ese tema en el momento oportuno we'll talk about that when the time comes hablar de algo/algn to talk about sth/sb tengo que hablarte de algo importante there's something important I have to talk to you about háblame de tus planes para el futuro tell me about your plans for the future no sé de qué me estás hablando I don't know what you're talking about me han hablado mucho de ese restaurante I've heard a lot about that restaurant me han hablado muy bien de él people speak very highly of him, I've heard a lot of nice o/or good things about him Laura me ha hablado mucho de ti Laura's told me a lot about you hablemos de usted let's talk about you le he hablado al director de tu caso I've mentioned your case to the director, I've spoken to the director about your case
  • 7 7.1 (anunciar un propósito) hablar de + infinitivo/infinitive to talk of-ing, talk about-ing se está hablando de construir una carretera nueva they're talking of o/or about building a new road, there's talk of a new road being built mucho hablar de ahorrar y va y se compra esto all this talk of saving and he goes and buys this! 7.2 (rumorear)hablar de algo se habla ya de miles de víctimas there is already talk of thousands of casualties se habla de que va a renunciar it is said o/or rumored that she's going to resign, they say o/or people say that she's going to resign
  • 8 [literario/literary] (recordar)hablar de algo unos monumentos que hablan de la grandeza de aquella época monuments which tell of o/or reflect the grandeur of that era

verbo transitivo/transitive verb

  • 2 (tratar, consultar) to talk about, discuss háblalo con tu padre speak o/or talk to your father about it eso ya lo hablaremos más adelante we'll talk about that o/or discuss that later esto vamos a tener que hablarlo con más tiempo we're going to have to talk about o/or discuss this when we have more time ya está todo resuelto, no hay (nada) más que hablar it's all settled, there's nothing more to discuss o/or say
  • 3 [familiar/colloquial] (decir) no hables disparates or tonterías don't talk nonsense, don't talk garbage (inglés norteamericano/American English) [familiar/colloquial], , don't talk rubbish (inglés británico/British English) [familiar/colloquial] no habló ni una palabra en toda la reunión he didn't say a word throughout the whole meeting

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (hablarse)

  • (recíproco/reciprocal) llevan meses sin hablarse they haven't spoken to each other for months ¿piensas seguir toda la vida sin hablarte con ella? are you never going to speak to her again?, aren't you ever going to talk to her again?

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