Translation of hoy in English:



  • 1 (este día) today hoy es mi cumpleaños it's my birthday today, today's my birthday hoy hace un año que nos conocimos it was a year ago today that we first met ¿a qué or cuánto estamos hoy? what's the date today?, what's today's date? hasta el día de hoy no hemos vuelto a saber de ella we haven't heard from her from that day to this, we haven't heard from her since le voy a escribir, de hoy no pasa I'm going to write to her today no matter what hoy mismo empiezo el régimen I'm starting my diet right away, today, I'm starting my diet today ¿este pan es de hoy? it this today's bread?, is this bread fresh (today)? de or desde hoy en adelante from today onward(s), as from today, starting today de hoy en un mes lo sabremos we'll know by this time next month vuelva usted de hoy en un mes come back a month from today basta por hoy let's call it a day [familiar/colloquial], that's enough for today o/or for one day

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In Spain the term castellano, rather than español, refers to the Spanish language as opposed to Catalan, Basque etc. The choice of word has political overtones: castellano has separatist connotations and español is considered centralist. In Latin America castellano is the usual term for Spanish.