Translation of huevo in English:



  • 3 [vulgar] (uso expletivo) ¿que yo le debo dinero a él? ¡y un huevo! I owe him money? like hell I do! [colloquial/familiar] ¡qué huevos! or por huevos, etc ver cojones 2 a huevo (Méx) [vulgar], tuve que leer el libro a huevo I had no damn o (BrE) bloody choice but to read the book [slang/argot] a huevo hay que pagarlo we'll have to pay it whether we damn well like it or not [colloquial/familiar] ¿ganaron? — ¡a huevo! did they win? — you bet your sweet ass, they did! (AmE) [vulgar], , did they win? — you bet they bloody did! (BrE) [slang/argot] mirar a huevo (Chi) [familiar/colloquial] to look down on ponerle algo a algn a huevo [familiar/colloquial], (muy cerca) to put sth right under sb's nose [colloquial/familiar] (muy fácil) to make sth easy o simple for sb un huevo, me costó un huevo [vulgar] it cost a bomb [colloquial/familiar], it cost me an arm and a leg [colloquial/familiar] sabe un huevo de vinos he knows stacks o loads about wine [colloquial/familiar], he knows an incredible amount about wine

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