There are 3 translations of igual in English:



  • 1 1.1 (idéntico) dos cajas de igual peso/iguales dimensiones two boxes of equal weight/dimensions son los dos iguales, ambiciosos y egoístas they are both the same o/or both alike, ambitious and selfish son iguales en todo they're identical o/or the same in every way por ti no pasan los años, estás igualito time hasn't changed you a bit, you're just the same [familiar/colloquial] Inés tiene uno exactamente igual Inés has one exactly the same, Inés has one just like it igual a orque algo/algn the same as sth/sb tengo unos zapatos iguales a los tuyos I have some shoes the same as yours ¿dónde puedo encontrar un botón igual a este? where can I find a button like o/or the same as this one? es igualita a or que su madre (físicamente) she's the image of o/or she looks just like her mother (en personalidad) she's exactly the same as o/or just like her mother x + y = z read as: x más y igual z or es igual a z x + y = z ( léase: x plus y equals z)igual de algo sigue igual de joven she's still as young (as ever) está igual de alto que yo he's as tall as I am, he's the same height as me de forma son iguales, pero este es más oscuro they're the same shape, but this one is darker ser/dar igual, ¿quieres té o café? — me da igual do you want tea or coffee? — I don't mind me es igual ir hoy que mañana it makes no difference to me o/or it's all the same to me whether I go today or tomorrow, I don't mind whether I go today or tomorrow da igual, ya me compraré otro never mind o/or it doesn't matter, I'll buy another one es igual, lo puedo hacer yo never mind o/or it doesn't matter, I can do it 1.2 (en una jerarquía) equal todos somos iguales ante la ley we are all equal in the eyes of the law 1.3 (semejante) jamás había oído estupidez igual I'd never heard anything so stupid ¡habráse visto cosa igual! have you ever seen anything like it!, have you ever seen the like! [familiar/colloquial] no había visto nada igual en toda mi vida I'd never seen anything like it in all my life
  • 3 (en tenis) quince iguales fifteen all van iguales they're even o/or level

There are 3 translations of igual in English:



  • 1 1.1 (de la misma manera) se pronuncian igual they're pronounced the same los trato a todos igual I treat them all the same o/or equally 1.2 (en locuciones/in phrases) al igual que [formal], el ministro, al igual que su homólogo argentino, acudirá a la reunión the minister will attend the meeting, as will his Argentinian counterpart [formal] igual que, tiene pecas, igual que su hermano she has freckles, (just) like her brother se llama igual que su padre he's named after his father me resultó aburrido — igual que a mí I thought it was boring — so did I o/or me too opino igual que tú I agree with you, I think the same as you tendrá que hacer cola, igual que todos los demás you'll have to stand in line the same as o/or (just) like everyone else por igual equally la ley se aplica a todos por igual the law applies to everybody equally trató a todos por igual he treated them all equally o/or the same
  • 3 (expresando posibilidad) igual llueve y tampoco podemos salir it might rain and then we won't be able to go out anyway igual no viene he may (well) not even come igual llamaron y no los oímos it's possible they called and we didn't hear them, they may have called and we didn't hear them

There are 3 translations of igual in English:


nombre masculino y femenino/masculine and feminine noun

  • 3
    (iguales masculino plural)
    (España/Spain) (de una lotería) lottery tickets (plural) ([ with same number ])