Translation of imaginar in English:



imaginarse v pron

  • 1.1 (suponer, figurarse) to imagine me imagino que no le habrán quedado ganas de repetir la experiencia I don't imagine o/or suppose he feels like repeating the experience no me imagino qué puede haber estado haciendo allí I can't imagine o/or think what he could have been doing there no te puedes imaginar lo mal que nos trató you've no idea how badly she treated us nunca me hubiera imaginado que nos iba a traicionar I'd never have dreamed o/or imagined that he would betray us ¿sabes cuánto les costó? — me imagino que un dineral do you know how much it cost them? — a fortune, I should imagine o/or think ¿quedó contento? — ¡imagínate! was he happy? — what do you think! ¿habrá que moverlo de ahí? — me imagino que sí do you think we'll have to move it — I suppose so o I imagine so o it looks like it no sabes cómo me dolió — ¡me (lo) imagino! it was unbelievably painful — I can imagine! o/or [familiar/colloquial] I bet it was! 1.2 (formar una imagen mental) to imagine ¿te la imaginas con diez kilos menos? can you imagine o/or picture her ten kilos lighter? me lo imaginaba más alto I imagined him to be taller, I thought he would be taller imagínatelo sin barba imagine how he'd look without a beard

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