Translation of invitar in English:



  • to invite se presentó allí sin estar invitado he turned up uninvited invitar a algn a algo to invite sb to sth no lo invitaron a la boda they didn't invite him to the wedding te invito a una copa I'll buy o/or get you a drink esta vez te invito yo this time it's my treat o it's on me o I'm paying invitar a algn a + infinitivo/infinitive ora que + subjuntivo/subjunctive to invite sb to + infinitivo/infinitive me invitó a cenar (en casa) she invited me (round) to dinner (en un restaurante) she invited me out to dinner la invitó a entrar he invited her in la policía los invitó a desalojar el local [eufemístico/euphemistic] the police asked them o/or [eufemístico/euphemistic] invited them to leave the premises invítalos a que se queden invite them to stay


  • 1.1 [persona] ¿quieres una cerveza? invito yo do you want a beer? it's on me o/or I'm buying invita la casa it's on the house 1.2 [literario/literary] [calor/tranquilidad]invitar a algo/+ inf la tranquilidad de la tarde invitaba al reposo the tranquility of the evening invited relaxation [literario/literary] el mar invitaba a bañarse [literario/literary] the sea looked very inviting

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