Translation of jalar in English:



  • 4 (Per) [familiar/colloquial] (en automóvil, moto) ¿me puedes jalar hasta el centro? could you give me a lift o a ride into town?


  • 1 (AmL exc CS) (tirar) to pull todos tenemos que jalar parejo we all have to pull together jalar de algo to pull sth no le jales del pelo a tu hermana don't pull your sister's hair jalarle a algo (Col) [familiar/colloquial], ¿quién le jala a un partido de ajedrez? who's for a game of chess?, who fancies a game of chess? (BrE) ahora le jala a la política she's into politics now [colloquial/familiar] no jalar con algn (Méx) [familiar/colloquial], no jala con ellos he doesn't get on o along well with them nunca jalaba con nosotros cuando hacíamos fiestas he never used to join in when we had parties

jalarse v pron

  • 5 (Col) [familiar/colloquial], (emborracharse) to get tight [colloquial/familiar]
  • 6 (Col) [familiar/colloquial] (realizar) se jaló un buen discurso she gave o made a good speech se jaló un partido excelente he played an excellent match

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