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  • 1 1.1 (AmL exc CS) (tirar de) to pull ¡jalen ese cable! pull on that cable! me jalaba la manga she was pulling at o tugging at my sleeve jalar la cadena to pull the chain, to flush the lavatory jale pull 1.2 (Méx) (agarrar) jaló el periódico y se puso a leer he picked up o took the newspaper and began to read jaló una silla y se sentó she drew up o took a chair and sat down 1.3 (Méx) (atraer) ahora lo jalan más sus amigos he's more interested in seeing his friends these days lo jalan mucho hacia sus gustos his tastes are very much influenced by them, they influence him a great deal in his tastes
  • 4 (Per) [familiar/colloquial] (en automóvil, moto) ¿me puedes jalar hasta el centro? could you give me a lift o a ride into town?


  • 1 (AmL exc CS) (tirar) to pull todos tenemos que jalar parejo we all have to pull together jalar de algo to pull sth no le jales del pelo a tu hermana don't pull your sister's hair jalarle a algo (Col) [familiar/colloquial], ¿quién le jala a un partido de ajedrez? who's for a game of chess?, who fancies a game of chess? (BrE) ahora le jala a la política she's into politics now [colloquial/familiar] no jalar con algn (Méx) [familiar/colloquial], no jala con ellos he doesn't get on o along well with them nunca jalaba con nosotros cuando hacíamos fiestas he never used to join in when we had parties

jalarse v pron

  • 1 (Méx) (enf) (agarrar, acercar) jálate una silla y siéntate draw up a chair and sit down jalársela (Méx) (exagerar) [familiar/colloquial] to go over the top [colloquial/familiar] (masturbarse) [vulgar], to jerk off (AmE) [vulgar], , to wank (BrE) [vulgar]
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  • 5 (Col) [familiar/colloquial], (emborracharse) to get tight [colloquial/familiar]
  • 6 (Col) [familiar/colloquial] (realizar) se jaló un buen discurso she gave o made a good speech se jaló un partido excelente he played an excellent match

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