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  • 1 [fam: en algunas regiones vulg] 1.1[ser] (difícil) [trabajo] tricky, tough [colloquial/familiar] es jodido criar los hijos solo bringing kids up on your own is really hard es un tipo muy jodido de tratar he's a very difficult guy to deal with [colloquial/familiar], he's a son-of-a-bitch to deal with (AmE) [slang/argot], , he's an awkward sod (BrE) [slang/argot] 1.2 (delante del n) (maldito) fucking [vulgar], damn [colloquial/familiar], goddamn (AmE) [colloquial/familiar], , bloody (BrE) [slang/argot], , sodding (BrE) [slang/argot]
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    1.3[ser] (AmL) (exigente) demanding, tough [colloquial/familiar]
  • 2 [fam: en algunas regiones vulg] 2.1[estar] (estropeado) [ascensor/radio] bust [colloquial/familiar], buggered (BrE) [slang/argot] 2.2[estar] (enfermo) in a bad way [colloquial/familiar] 2.3[estar] (deprimido) down [colloquial/familiar] anda muy jodido he's really down (in the dumps) [colloquial/familiar]
  • 3[ser] (Col) [familiar/colloquial] (astuto) sharp

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