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Translation of jorobar in English:

transitive verb

  • 1 (fastidiar) lo que me joroba es el frío que hace aquí
    what really gets me is how cold it is here [colloquial]
    ese ruido me está empezando a jorobar
    that noise is starting to get to me or to get on my nerves [colloquial]
    me joroba que me llamen por teléfono tan tarde
    it really bugs me when people phone so late at night [colloquial]
    it really ticks me off when people phone so late at night (US) [colloquial]
    este niño me está jorobando
    this kid won't stop pestering me

intransitive verb

  • 2¡no jorobes!
    (expresando asombro, sorpresa) you don't say! [colloquial]
    no kidding! [colloquial]
    (expresando incredulidad, rechazo) come off it! [colloquial]
    tell me another one! (US) [colloquial]
    pull the other one! (British) [colloquial]
    (expresando fastidio) knock it off! [colloquial]
    cut it out! [colloquial]

also: jorobarse pronominal verb

  • 1 (aguantarse) y si no te gusta, te jorobas
    and if you don't like it, you'll just have to lump it or that's tough [colloquial]
    ¡hay que jorobarse!
    that/this really is the limit! [colloquial]
    bloody hell! (British) [slang]
Example sentences
  • Otra vez los regidores nos joroban la paciencia.
  • Recuerdo a Mulder jorobando la pita desde su columna de la Republica.
  • Me joroba es que luego vayan dictando conferencias de democracia.
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