Translation of le in English:


pron pers

  • 1 (como objeto indirecto) 1.1le dije la verdad (a él) I told him the truth (a ella) I told her the truth (a usted) I told you the truth le di otra mano de barniz I gave it another coat of varnish no tengo por qué darle explicaciones a nadie I don't have to explain myself to anyone el dinero le sería muy útil she would find the money very useful, the money would be very useful to her tengo que regarle las plantas a la vecina I have to water my neighbor's plants no te le acerques, que muerde don't go near it, it bites le robó el dinero a su padre he stole the money from his father explícale al señor qué pasó explain to the man what happened ¡qué rápido le crece el pelo a Cristina! doesn't Cristina's hair grow quickly? a este libro le faltan páginas there are some pages missing from this book no te le pongas delante don't stand in front of her cuando se le murió el marido when her husband died 1.2 (impers) a nadie le gusta que le digan esas cosas nobody likes having that kind of thing said to them

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