Translation of leche in English:



  • 4 (Esp) [argot/slang] 4.1 (golpe) nos vamos a dar una leche we're going to crash se liaron a leches they beat the hell out of each other [slang/argot] te voy a dar una leche you're going to get it [colloquial/familiar], I'm going to thump you [colloquial/familiar] 4.2 (velocidad) iba a toda leche I was going flat out [colloquial/familiar] 4.3 (como interj) ¡la leche! good grief! [colloquial/familiar], bloody hell! (BrE) [slang/argot] 4.4de la leche [argot/slang], hace un frío de la leche it's goddamn freezing (AmE) it's bloody freezing (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] estoy harta de ese pesado de la leche I'm fed up with that boring old fart [slang/argot] 4.5 (colmo) ese tío es la leche that guy is the pits o the end [colloquial/familiar] se han vuelto a equivocar, son la leche they've got it wrong again, they're the pits o (BrE) they're bloody useless [colloquial/familiar]
  • 5 (Esp) [vulgar] 5.1 (mal humor) tiene una leche … he's so bad-tempered, he's got a foul temper ver tb malo1 11 5.2 (expresando fastidio, mal humor) ¿qué leches pintas tú en este asunto? what the hell has this got to do with you? [colloquial/familiar] pídele que te lo devuelva ¡qué leches! ask her to damn well give it back to you [colloquial/familiar] no seas pesado, leche don't be so goddamn annoying (AmE) don't be so bloody annoying (BrE) [slang/argot]

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