Translation of levantar in English:



  • 2 2.1 [ánimos] esto nos levantó los ánimos/la moral this raised our spirits/our morale venga, levanta el ánimo come on, cheer up! 2.2 [industria/economía] to help … to pick up a ver si conseguimos levantar este país let's see if we can get this country back on its feet
  • 8 (desmontar, deshacer) levantar (el) campamento to strike camp levantar la cama to strip the bed levantar la mesa (América Latina/Latin America) to clear the table

levantarse v pron

  • 1 1.1 (de la cama) to get up nunca se levanta antes de las diez he never gets up o/or gets out of bed before ten ¿a qué hora te levantas? what time do you get up? ya se levanta un poco por la casa she can get up and move around the house a bit now, she's up and moving around the house a little now 1.2 (ponerse en pie) al entrar el monarca todos se levantaron everyone rose to their feet as the monarch entered [formal] intentó levantarse del suelo he tried to get up off the floor o/or to stand up hasta que no terminemos todos no se levanta nadie de la mesa no one is getting up from (the) table until we've all finished se levantó de su asiento para saludarme she stood up o got up o rose to greet me

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