Translation of ligar in English:



  • 2 (atar) le ligaron las manos con una cuerda they tied his hands together o they bound his hands with a rope un fajo de billetes ligados con una goma elástica a bundle of bills held together with a rubber band


  • 1 [familiar/colloquial] (conquistar) los sábados salían a ligar on Saturdays they went out trying to pick up girls/boys [colloquial/familiar], on Saturdays they went out on the pick-up o (AmE) on the make [slang/argot] ligar con algn to make out with sb (AmE) to get off with sb (BrE)
  • 2 (Chi) [familiar/colloquial], (flirtear con) to give … the come-on [colloquial/familiar], to give … the eye (BrE) [colloquial/familiar]
  • 3 (Chi) [familiar/colloquial] (tocar) (+ me/te/le etc) a mí siempre me liga lavar los platos it's always me who gets landed with washing o who has to wash the dishes [colloquial/familiar] ligarle (Per) [familiar/colloquial] to pull it off [colloquial/familiar]

ligarse v pron

  • 4 (Arg, Ven) [Telec] la línea se ligó I got a crossed line

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