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  • 1 1.1 (requerir, hacer venir) [bomberos/policía] to call; [médico] to call, call out; [camarero/criada] to call; [ascensor] to call; [súbditos/servidores] to summon llamé un taxi (por teléfono) I called a cab (por la calle) I hailed a cab la llamó a gritos he shouted to her to come lo llamó por señas she beckoned to him, she beckoned him over Dios la llamó (a su lado) [eufemismo/euphemism] God called her to him [euphemism/eufemismo] el juez lo llamó a declarar the judge called on him to testify la madre lo mandó llamar (AmL) his mother sent for him lo llamaron para hacer el servicio militar he was called up for military service 1.2 (instar)llamar a algn a algo el sindicato llamó a sus afiliados a la huelga the union called its members out on strike o called upon its members to strike se sintió llamado a hacerlo he felt driven o compelled to do it
  • 2 [Telec] (por teléfono) to phone, to call, to call up (AmE) to ring (BrE) la voy a llamar I'm going to call o phone o ring her, I'm going to call her up, I'm going to give her a call o ring (BrE) te llamó Ernesto Ernesto phoned (for you), Ernesto called (you) o rang


llamarse v pron

  • to be called su padre se llama Pedro his father is called Pedro, his father's name is Pedro ¿cómo te llamas? what's your name? no sé cómo se llama el libro I don't know what the book's called ese acabará en la cárcel como que (yo) me llamo Beatriz he'll end up in prison as sure as my name's Beatriz
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