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Translation of llegar in English:

verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

  • 1 [persona/tren/carta] to arrive tienen que estar al llegar they'll be arriving any minute now ¿cuándo llegan tus primos? when are your cousins arriving?, when do your cousins arrive? ¿falta mucho para llegar? is it much further (to go)? ¿a qué hora llega el avión? what time does the plane arrive o/or get in? siempre llega tarde he's always late llegó (el) primero/(el) último he was the first/the last to arrive, he arrived first/last llegaron cansadísimos they were exhausted when they arrived no me llegó el telegrama I didn't get the telegram, the telegram didn't get to me o/or didn't reach me nos llega una noticia de última hora we have a late news item me hizo llegar un mensaje he got a message to me sus palabras me llegaban con mucho ruido de fondo there was a lot of background noise when I was talking to him llegar a (a un país, una ciudad) to arrive in (a un edificio) to arrive at llegó a Bogotá en un vuelo de Avianca he arrived in Bogotá on an Avianca flight llegó al aeropuerto a las dos she arrived at o/or got to the airport at two o'clock el primer corredor que llegó a la meta the first runner to cross o/or reach the finishing line llegamos a casa a las dos we got o/or arrived home at two o'clock llegué a su casa de noche I got to o/or reached his house at night la carta nunca llegó a mis manos the letter never reached me el rumor llegó a oídos del alcalde the rumor reached the mayor ¿adónde quieres llegar con tantas preguntas? what are you getting at o/or driving at with all these questions? llegar de to arrive from acaba de llegar de Hamburgo he's just arrived from o got(ten) ( o flown etc) in from Hamburg
  • 2 2.1 [camino/ruta] (extenderse)llegar hasta to go all the way to, go as far as ahora la carretera llega hasta San Pedro the road goes all the way to o/or goes as far as San Pedro now 2.2 (ir)llegar a/hasta este autobús no llega hasta or a Las Torres this bus doesn't go as far as o/or all the way to Las Torres solo llega al tercer piso it only goes (up) to the third floor
  • 4 4.1 (alcanzar) to reach no llego ni con la escalera I can't even reach with the ladder llegar a algo to reach sth tiene que subirse a una silla para llegar al estante he has to stand on a chair to reach the shelf las cosas han llegado a tal punto, que … things have got to o/or have reached such a point that … los pies no le llegan al suelo her feet don't touch the floor esa cuerda no llega al otro lado that rope won't reach to the other side la falda le llegaba a los tobillos her skirt came down to o/or reached her ankles su voz llegaba al fondo del teatro her voice carried to the back of the theater el agua le llegaba al cuello the water came up to her neck por ambos métodos llegamos al mismo resultado both methods lead us to the same result, we arrive at o/or reach the same result by both methods llegué a la conclusión de que me habías mentido I reached o/or came to the conclusion that you had been lying to me no se llegó a ningún acuerdo no agreement was reached sé algo de electrónica, pero a tanto no llego I know something about electronics but not that much o/or but my knowledge doesn't extend that far ahí 4.2 [dinero/materiales] (ser suficiente) to be enough con un kilo llega para todos a kilo's enough o/or a kilo will do for all of us no me llega el dinero I don't have enough money 4.3 (alcanzar a medir, costar, etc) este trozo de tela no llega a los dos metros this piece of material is less than two meters me sorprendería si llegara a tanto I'd be surprised if it came to that much o/or if it was as much as that no llegaban a 500 personas there weren't even 500 people there 4.4 (expresando logro) llegará lejos she'll go far o/or a long way como sigas así no vas a llegar a ningún lado if you carry on like this, you'll never get anywhere no creo que llegues a convencerme I don't think you'll manage to convince me quiero que llegues a ser alguien I want you to be someone o/or to make something of yourself nunca llegó a (ser) director he never became director, he never made it to director [familiar/colloquial] 4.5 (en el tiempo) este gobierno no llegará a las próximas elecciones this government won't survive till the next elections como sigas fumando así no llegarás a viejo if you go on smoking like that you won't live to old age con los años llegué a conocerlo mejor I got to know him better over the years ¿llegaste a verlo? did you manage o/or did you get to see it? ¿llegó a saber quién era su padre? did she ever find out who her father was? el invento puede llegar a ser de gran utilidad the invention could prove to be very useful
  • 5 5.1 (como intensificador)llegar a + infinitivo/infinitive llegó a amenazarme con el despido she even threatened to fire me, she went so far as to threaten to fire me llegué a pensar que me engañaba I even began to think he was deceiving me no llegó a pegarme, pero … he didn't actually hit me, but … llegó a aburrirme con sus constantes quejas I grew tired of o/or I got bored with his constant complaining puede incluso llegar a ganarle he might even beat him 5.2 (en oraciones condicionales) si lo llego a saber, no vengo if I'd known, I wouldn't have come si llego a enterarme de algo, te aviso if I happen to hear anything, I'll let you know si lo llegas a perder, te mato if you lose it, I'll kill you, if you go and lose it o/or if you manage to lose it, I'll kill you [familiar/colloquial]
  • 6 [estilo/música] (ser entendido, aceptado) tiene un estilo que no llega a la gente people can't relate to o/or understand his style emplea un lenguaje que llega a la juventud he uses language that gets through to o/or means something to young people

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (llegarse)

  • [familiar/colloquial] llégate hasta su casa y dale este paquete run over to her house and give her this parcel [familiar/colloquial] llégate a la tienda y trae algo de beber run out o/or over to the store and get something to drink, nip o/or pop out to the shop and get something to drink (inglés británico/British English) [familiar/colloquial]

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