Translation of mar in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

(sometimes f in literary language and in set idiomatic expressions)
  • 2 (costa) el mar the coast ¿prefieres ir al mar o a la montaña? would you prefer to go to the coast o/or to the seaside or to the mountains?
  • 3 3.1 (indicando abundancia, profusión) un mar de …, está sumido en un mar de dudas he's plagued by o/or beset with doubts tiene un mar de problemas he has no end of problems estaba hecha un mar de lágrimas she was in floods of tears 3.2 (abismo) hay un mar de diferencia entre los dos países there's a world of difference between the two countries los separaba un mar de silencio [literario/literary] a gulf of silence lay between them [literario/literary] 3.3la mar de … [familiar/colloquial], está la mar de contento he's really happy, he's over the moon [familiar/colloquial] es la mar de simpática she's so nice lo pasamos la mar de bien we had a whale of a time [familiar/colloquial] el vestido te queda la mar de bien the dress suits you perfectly, the dress looks really good on you tengo la mar de cosas que contarte I have loads of things to tell you [familiar/colloquial]

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