Translation of marcha in English:



  • 2 (paso, velocidad) speed ¡qué marcha llevas! (Esp) what a speed o pace you go at! el vehículo disminuyó la marcha the car reduced speed o slowed down llevamos una buena marcha, creo que acabaremos a tiempo we're getting through it at quite a rate, I think we'll finish on time hay que acelerar la marcha, que vamos retrasados we've got to speed up, we're getting behind a marchas forzadas (Esp) at top speed a toda marcha at full o top speed, flat out coger la marcha (Esp) , en cuanto cojas la marcha te será más fácil once you get into the rhythm of it, you'll find it easier
  • 8 (Esp) [familiar/colloquial] (animación, ambiente) en esta ciudad hay mucha marcha this city is very lively o has a lot of night life ¡qué marcha tiene! he's so full of energy, he has so much energy irle a algn la marcha (Esp) [familiar/colloquial], les va la marcha cantidad they're really into having a good time o into the night life o into the action [colloquial/familiar] no la invites porque no le va la marcha don't invite her because she's not into parties ( o dancing etc) [colloquial/familiar]

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