There are 3 translations of mero in English:




(delante del nombre/before noun)
  • 2 (América Central/Central America) (México/Mexico) [familiar/colloquial] (uso enfático) ¿cuántas piñas quedaron? — una mera how many pineapples were left? — just one o/or only one el mero día de su boda the very day of her wedding el mero patrón entró por la puerta the boss himself walked in en la mera esquina está la farmacia the drugstore is right on the corner le pegué en la mera cabezota I hit him bang o/or smack in the middle of his head [familiar/colloquial] déjame pensar cuánto me costó, 500 pesos ¡es mero! let me think how much it cost me, that's right, 500 pesos yo mero armé este rompecabezas I did this puzzle myself el mero mero (México/Mexico) [familiar/colloquial], se creen los meros meros they think they're number one o God's gift o the cat's whiskers [familiar/colloquial], they think they're really it [familiar/colloquial] eres el mero mero you're the boss el mero petatero the boss [familiar/colloquial] ¿quién es el mero petatero en esta casa? who's the boss o/or who wears the pants (inglés norteamericano/American English) o/or (inglés británico/British English) trousers in this house? [familiar/colloquial]

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There are 3 translations of mero in English:



(México/Mexico) [familiar/colloquial]

There are 3 translations of mero in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun