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Translation of meter in English:

verbo transitivo/transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (introducir, poner) to put le metieron un tubo por la nariz they put o/or [familiar/colloquial] stuck a tube up her nose ¿dónde habré metido su carta? where can I have put his letter?meter algo en algo metí la tarjeta en un sobre I put the card in(to) an envelope no lograba meter la llave en la cerradura she couldn't get the key into the lock metió el pie en el agua he put his foot in(to) the water a ver si consigo meter todo esto en un folio I wonder if I can get o/or fit all of this onto one sheet no le metas esas ideas en la cabeza a la niña don't put ideas like that into her head, don't go giving her ideas like that 1.2 (hacer entrar)meter a algn en algo no puedo meter más de cuatro personas en mi coche I can't get o/or fit more than four people in my car lo metieron en la cárcel they put him in prison metió a su hijo interno en un colegio he sent his son to (a) boarding school 1.3 (colocar, emplear)meter a algn en algo consiguió meter a su amigo en la empresa she managed to get her friend a job with o/or in the companymeter a algn de algo lo metieron de aprendiz de carpintero they apprenticed him to a carpenter, they got him a job as a carpenter's apprentice la metieron de sirvienta en la ciudad they sent her to work as a maid in the city 1.4 (involucrar) meter a algn en algo to involve sb in sth, get sb involved in sth no quiero que metas a mi hijo en negocios sucios I don't want you involving my son o/or getting my son involved in any dirty business no la metas a ella en esto don't bring o/or drag her into this
  • 3 3.1 (provocar, crear) no metas ruido que estoy estudiando keep the noise down, I'm studying no trates de meterme miedo don't try to frighten o/or scare me nos están metiendo prisa en el trabajo we're under a lot of pressure to do things faster at work a todo meter [familiar/colloquial] [ir/conducir] flat out lleva una semana estudiando a todo meter he's been studying flat out for a week meterle (América Latina/Latin America) to get a move on [familiar/colloquial] ¡métanle, que no llegamos! step on it o/or get a move on, or we won't get there in time! le metimos con todo we did our utmost, we pulled out all the stops, we did everything we could 3.2 [familiar/colloquial] (encajar, endilgar) me metieron una multa por exceso de velocidad I got a ticket for speeding [familiar/colloquial] no me metas más mentiras don't tell me any more lies, don't give me any more of your lies [familiar/colloquial] nos metió una de sus historias she spun us one of her yarns 3.3 (Colombia) [argot], [cocaína] to snort [argot/slang], to do [argot/slang]; [marihuana] to smoke

verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (meterse)

  • 1 1.1 (entrar)meterse en algo me metí en el agua (en la playa) I went into the water (en la piscina) I got into the water nos metimos en un museo we went into a museum se metió en la cama he got into bed métete por esa calle go down that street quise meterme bajo tierra I just wanted the ground to swallow me up no sabía dónde meterse de la vergüenza que le dio she was so embarrassed she didn't know what to do with herself o/or where to put herself ¿dónde se habrá metido el perro? where can the dog have got to?, where can the dog be? (+ me/te/le etc) se me metió algo en el ojo I got something in my eye cuando se le mete una idea en la cabeza … when he gets an idea into his head … 1.2 (introducirse)meterse algo en algo me metí el dedo en el ojo I stuck my finger in my eye se metió el dinero en el bolsillo he put the money in(to) his pocket no te metas los dedos en la nariz don't pick your nose ¡que se lo meta ahí mismo! or ¡que se lo meta por dónde le quepa! [vulgar] she can stuff it! [argot/slang] ya sabes dónde te lo puedes meter [vulgar] you know where you can stuff o/or shove it [vulgar] 1.3 [familiar/colloquial] [comida/bebida] to put away [familiar/colloquial]
  • 2 2.1 (en un trabajo) se metió de secretaria she got a job as a secretary meterse de or a cura/monja to become a priest/nun 2.2 (involucrarse) meterse en algo to get involved in sth no quiero meterme en una discusión I don't want to get into o/or to get involved in an argument te has metido en un buen lío you've got yourself into a fine mess no te metas en gastos don't go spending a lot of money se había metido en un asunto muy turbio she had got involved in o/or mixed up in a very shady affair 2.3 (entrometerse) to get involved no te metas en lo que no te importa mind your own business, don't get involved in o/or don't meddle in things that don't concern you todo iba bien hasta que ella se metió por medio things were going fine until she started interfering meterse con algn [familiar/colloquial], no te metas conmigo que yo no te he hecho nada don't go picking a fight with me, I haven't done anything to you no te metas conmigo que hoy no estoy para bromas leave me alone, I'm in no mood for jokes today tú métete con los de tu edad/tamaño why don't you pick on someone your own age/size? con su hijo no te metas, que es sagrado [irónico] don't say a word against her son, she worships him meterse donde no lo llaman to poke one's nose into other people's business [familiar/colloquial] ¡no te metas donde no te llaman! mind your own business!

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