There are 2 translations of mientras in English:



  • 1 (al mismo tiempo) tb mientras tanto in the meantime, meanwhile yo caliento la comida, tú mientras (tanto) puedes poner la mesa I'll heat the food up and while I'm doing that you can set the table o and you can be setting the table meanwhile
  • 2 (esp AmL) (cuanto) mientras más se le da, más pide the more you give him, the more he wants mientras menos tenga que tratar con ella, mejor the less I have to deal with her the better

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There are 2 translations of mientras in English:



  • 2 2.1 (con idea de futuro, condición, etc) (+ subj) as long as mientras pueda/viva as long as I can/live mientras persistan en esa actitud no van a conseguir nada de él as long as they persist with that attitude o unless they change their attitude they won't get anywhere with him
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    2.2mientras (que) (siempre que) (+ subj) as long as mientras (que) él no se entere … as long as he doesn't find out …
  • 3mientras que (con valor adversativo) whereas, while él ha ganado varios premios, mientras que su hermano es totalmente desconocido he has won several awards while o whereas his brother is totally unknown