Translation of mitad in English:



  • 2 (medio, centro) corta el pastel por la mitad cut the cake in half dividámoslo por la mitad let's halve it voy por la mitad del libro I'm halfway through the book lo deja todo por la mitad she leaves everything half finished llenar el vaso hasta la mitad half-fill the glass a or en (la) mitad de la reunión in the middle of the meeting se salió en la mitad de la película she left halfway through the movie queda a mitad de distancia entre tu casa y la mía it's halfway between your house and mine partir a algn por la mitad, tener que trabajar el sábado me parte por la mitad having to work on Saturday really puts my plans out o upsets my plans o (inglés británico/British English) [familiar/colloquial] really puts a spanner in the works camino

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Most first names in Spanish-speaking countries are those of saints. A person's santo, (also known as onomástico in Latin America and onomástica in Spain) is the saint's day of the saint that they are named for. Children were once usually named for the saint whose day they were born on, but this is less common now.