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Translation of molestar in English:

transitive verb

intransitive verb

  • 1 (importunar) ¿no te molesta ese ruido?
    doesn't that noise bother you?
    se ruega no molestar
    please do not disturb
    ¿le molesta si fumo? me molesta su arrogancia
    her arrogance irritates or annoys me
    ya sabes que me molesta que hables de él
    you know I don't like you to talk about him
    you know I get upset or it upsets me when you talk about him
    nunca uso pulseras, me molestan para trabajar
    I never wear bracelets, they get in the way when I'm working
    no me duele, pero me molesta
    it doesn't hurt but it's uncomfortable or it bothers me
    si le molesta mucho, puedo ponerle una inyección
    if it's very sore or painful, I could give you an injection
  • 2 (fastidiar)
    to be a nuisance
    si vas a molestar, te vas de clase
    if you're going to be a nuisance, you can leave the classroom
    vino a ayudar pero no hizo más que molestar
    he came to help, but he just got in the way or made a nuisance of himself
    son unos niños encantadores, nunca molestan
    they're lovely children, they're never any trouble or they're no trouble at all
    no quiero molestar
    I don't want to be a nuisance or to get in the way or to cause any trouble

also: molestarse pronominal verb

  • 1 (disgustarse)
    to get upset
    no debes molestarte, lo hizo sin querer
    don't get upset, he didn't mean to do it
    molestarse por algose molestó por algo
    he got upset about something
    espero que no se haya molestado por lo que le dije
    I hope you weren't upset or offended by what I said
    molestarse con alguien
    to get annoyed with somebody
    get cross with somebody (British)
    se molestó conmigo porque no lo invité
    he got annoyed or cross with me because I didn't invite him
    he was put out or upset because I didn't invite him
Example sentences
  • Y la comenzaron a molestar”, recuerda Flor María.
  • Es un chico al cual molestan y es echado al exterior.
  • Tal parece que Bayli no se molesto en leer su columna.
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