Translation of montón in English:



  • 1.1 (pila) pile está en ese montón de libros it's in that pile o stack of books roba una carta del montón take a card from the pile el jardinero hacía montones con la hierba cortada the gardener was piling up the cut grass un montón de basura a trash heap (ser) del montón [familiar/colloquial], un estudiante de los del montón an average student es un escritor de los del montón he's not an outstanding o exceptional writer, he's rather a run-of-the-mill writer es una chica del montón she's (just) an ordinary girl 1.2 [familiar/colloquial] (gran cantidad) había un montón de gente there were loads o (BrE) masses of people [colloquial/familiar] tiene montones de amigos she's got loads o (BrE) masses of friends [colloquial/familiar] me duele un montón it hurts like hell [colloquial/familiar] me gusta un montón I'm crazy about her/it [colloquial/familiar] tiene discos a montones she's got heaps o stacks of records [colloquial/familiar] la gente los compra a montones people buy them by the barrelful o cartload

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