Translation of muerte in English:


nombre femenino/feminine noun

  • 1.1 (de un ser vivo) death muerte natural/repentina natural/sudden death el veneno le produjo la muerte instantánea the poison killed him instantly 200 personas encontraron la muerte en el incendio 200 people lost their lives o/or [literario/literary] met their death in the fire condenado a muerte sentenced to death amenaza de muerte death threat hasta que la muerte nos separe till death us do part a la muerte de su padre heredó una fortuna she inherited a fortune on her father's death o/or when her father died herido de muerte fatally wounded me dio un susto de muerte [familiar/colloquial] she scared the living daylights out of me [familiar/colloquial], she scared me to death [familiar/colloquial] luchó or se debatió varios días con la muerte he was at death's door o/or fighting for his life for several days odiar a muerte to loathe, detest cada muerte de obispo (América Latina/Latin America) [familiar/colloquial] once in a blue moon de mala muerte [familiar/colloquial] [pensión] grotty [familiar/colloquial], cheesy (inglés norteamericano/American English) [familiar/colloquial] es un pueblo de mala muerte it's a dump o/or a hole [familiar/colloquial], it's a really grotty place ser de muerte lenta (Venezuela) [familiar/colloquial] to be fantastic [familiar/colloquial] ser la muerte [familiar/colloquial], (ser atroz) to be hell o/or murder [familiar/colloquial] (ser estupendo) to be great o/or fantastic [familiar/colloquial] meterse de profesor es la muerte en vida it's murder going into teaching [familiar/colloquial] se cree/te crees la muerte he thinks he's/you think you're the bee's knees o/or the cat's whiskers [familiar/colloquial] 1.2 (homicidio) lo acusan de la muerte de tres personas he is accused of killing three people o/or of causing the deaths of three people dar muerte a algn [formal] to kill sb 1.3 (fin) death la muerte de una civilización the death o/or demise of a civilization


muerte cerebral

muerte clínica

  • certificaron la muerte clínica dos horas despúes he/she was pronounced clinically dead two hours later

muerte de cuna

muerte súbita

muerte violenta

  • violent death

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