There are 3 translations of nada in English:



  • 1 1.1 nothing es mejor que nada it's better than nothing de nada sirve que le compres libros si no los lee there's no point in buying him books if he doesn't read them antes que or de nada first of all nada te faltará or no te faltará nada you won't want for anything no hay nada como un buen baño caliente there's nothing like a nice hot bath hace dos días que no come nada he hasn't eaten a thing o/or anything for two days ¡no sirves para nada! you're useless no se hizo nada he wasn't hurt no sé por qué llora, yo no le hice nada I don't know why he's crying, I didn't touch him ¿te has hecho daño? — no, no ha sido nada did you hurt yourself? — no, it's nothing ¡perdón! — no fue nada sorry! — that's all right no es por nada pero … don't take this the wrong way but … se fue sin decir nada she left without a word nadie me dio nada nobody gave me anythingnada de algo no necesita nada de azúcar it doesn't need any sugar at all eso no tiene nada de gracia that's not in the least bit o/or not at all funny ¡nada de juegos or jugar ahora! you're not playing o/or I don't want any games now! 1.2 (en locuciones/in phrases) de nada you're welcome, it's a pleasure, don't mention it [formal] nada de nada [familiar/colloquial] not a thing nada más, no hay nada más there's nothing else ¿algo más? — nada más anything else? — no, that's it o that's all o that's the lot no se pudo hacer nada más or más nada por él nothing more could be done for him nada más fui yo (México/Mexico) I was the only one who went no nada más yo lo critico (México/Mexico) I'm not the only one to criticize him salí nada más comer I went out right o/or straight after lunch sacó (nada más ni) nada menos que el primer puesto she came first no less nada más llegar subió a verla as soon as he arrived he went up to see her nada más que, la verdad, toda la verdad y nada más que la verdad the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth no se lo dije nada más que a él he's the only one I told, I didn't tell anyone except him o/or but him nada que … (Andes) [familiar/colloquial], ya son las diez y nada que vienen it's already ten o'clock and there's still no sign of them ni nada [familiar/colloquial], no me avisó ni nada [familiar/colloquial] he didn't tell me or anything, he didn't even tell me no es ambicioso ni nada [irónico] he's not at all ambitious or anything like that! [ironic] para nada not … at all ese tema no se tocó para nada that topic didn't come up at all no me gustó para nada I didn't like it at all o/or one little bit ahí es nada [familiar/colloquial] [irónico], hicieron un par de millones, ahí es nada they made a couple of million … peanuts o/or chickenfeed! [familiar/colloquial] [ironic] como si nada [familiar/colloquial], ¡me lo dice como si nada! she tells me as casual as you like, and she tells me as if it was nothing se quedó como si nada she didn't even bat an eyelid se lo dije mil veces, pero como si nada I told her over and over again, but it didn't do the slightest bit of good no estás/está en nada (Venezuela) [argot] you're/he's so uncool [familiar/colloquial], you don't/he doesn't have a clue [familiar/colloquial] no hay nada que hacerle [familiar/colloquial] that's all there is to it, there are no two ways about it
  • 2 2.1 (algo) ¿has visto alguna vez nada igual? have you ever seen the like of it o the likes of it o anything like it? antes de que digas nada before you say anything 2.2 (muy poco) con or de nada se rompe it breaks just like that fue un golpe de nada it was only a little bump en nada de tiempo in no time at all compraron la casa por nada they bought the house for next to nothing dentro de nada very soon, in no time at all estar en nada, estuvo en nada que perdiéramos el tren we very nearly missed the train no nos vieron, pero estuvo en nada they didn't see us, but it was a close call o/or shave 2.3 [familiar/colloquial] (uso expletivo) y nada, que al final no lo compró anyway, in the end she didn't buy it pues nada, ya veremos qué pasa well o/or anyway, we'll see what happens

There are 3 translations of nada in English:



  • no está nada preocupado he isn't at all o/or the least bit worried anoche no dormí nada I didn't sleep a wink o/or at all last night no me gusta nada lo que has hecho I don't like what you've done one bit no es nada engreído el chico [irónico] he sure is vain!, he isn't half conceited! (inglés británico/British English)

There are 3 translations of nada in English:


nombre femenino/feminine noun

  • 1 [Filos] la nada nothing el universo se creó de la nada the universe was created from nothing o/or from the void surgió de la nada it came out of nowhere
  • 2 (México/Mexico) (Río de la Plata/River Plate area) [familiar/colloquial] (pequeña cantidad) ¿le diste vino al bebé? — solo una nada did you give the baby wine? — only a tiny drop le puse una nada de sal I added a tiny pinch of salt ganó por una nada he won by a whisker