There are 2 translations of nota in English:


nombre femenino/feminine noun

  • 4 4.1 (rasgo, característica) la nota dominante de su carácter/de su estilo the dominant feature of his character/of his style una nota melancólica subyace en todos estos poemas a note of melancholy underlies all of these poems, there is an underlying note of melancholy in all of these poems la humedad constituye la nota característica high humidity is the most characteristic feature o/or is the main characteristic 4.2 (detalle) touch para agregar una nota de humor to add a touch of humor fue una nota muy simpática it was a very nice touch o/or gesture su comentario fue la nota de mal gusto de la reunión his remark was the one thing that lowered the tone of the meeting

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There are 2 translations of nota in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun