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Translation of ojo in English:

nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • 1 1.1 [Anatomía/Anatomy] eye un niño de ojos azules/verdes/negros a boy with blue/green/dark eyes tiene los ojos rasgados or achinados she has slanting eyes de ojos saltones bug-eyed ojos de cordero degollado calf's eyes, doe eyes se le llenaron los ojos de lágrimas her eyes filled with tears me miró con aquellos ojazos negros she looked at me with those big dark eyes le guiñó or (Colombia) picó el ojo he winked at her me miraba fijamente a los ojos he was staring straight into my eyes no me quita los ojos de encima he won't take his eyes off me se le salían los ojos de las órbitas his eyes were popping out of their sockets o/or out of his head me miró con los ojos como platos she looked at me with eyes as big as saucers aceptaría con los ojos cerrados I'd accept without a second thought o/or I wouldn't think twice about it hay que ir con los ojos bien abiertos you have to keep your eyes open lo vi con mis propios ojos I saw it myself o/or with my own two eyes ¡dichosos los ojos (que te ven)! it's wonderful o/or lovely to see you! a los ojos de la sociedad in the eyes of society abrirle los ojos a algn to open sb's eyes abrir los ojos to open one's eyes cerrar los ojos a algo to close one's mind to sth ¿con qué ojos, divina tuerta? (México/Mexico) [familiar/colloquial] where do you expect me to get the money from? en un abrir y cerrar de ojos in the twinkling of an eye, in a flash irse por ojo (Chile) [familiar/colloquial] [barco] to go down [persona] to be disappointed no era nada lo del ojo (y lo llevaba en la mano) there was nothing to it o/or it was nothing serious [ironic] no pegué/pegó (el or un) ojo en toda la noche I/he didn't sleep a wink no ver algo con buenos ojos, sus padres no veían la relación con buenos ojos her parents did not approve of the relationship o/or did not view the relationship favorably no ven con buenos ojos que te quites la chaqueta they don't approve of you taking your jacket off ¡ojo pelao! or ¡ojo de garza! (Venezuela) [familiar/colloquial] watch out! regalarse los ojos con algo to feast one's eyes on sth sacarse un ojo (Colombia) [familiar/colloquial], me saqué un ojo tratando de entenderlo I nearly went crazy trying to make sense of it no te vayas a sacar un ojo there's no need to overdo it o/or [familiar/colloquial] to kill yourself salir por or costar un ojo de la cara [familiar/colloquial] to cost an arm and a leg [familiar/colloquial] ser el ojo derecho de algn to be the apple of sb's eye volverse or hacerse ojo de hormiga (México/Mexico) [familiar/colloquial] to do a vanishing trick [familiar/colloquial], to make oneself scarce [familiar/colloquial] cuatro ojos ven más que dos two heads are better than one ver tb cuatro1 ojo por ojo y diente por diente an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente out of sight, out of mind 1.2 (vista) tenía los ojos clavados en el crucifijo her eyes were fixed on the cross bajó los ojos avergonzada she lowered her eyes in shame sin levantar los ojos del libro without looking up from her book alzó los ojos al cielo he lifted his eyes heavenward(s) toda América tiene los ojos puestos en él the eyes of all America are on him no tiene ojos más que para ella he only has eyes for her parche a ojo de buen cubero or a ojo or (Colombia) (Cono Sur/Southern Cone) al ojo at a guess le eché el azúcar y la nata a ojo I just put the sugar and cream in without measuring it a ojos vista(s) visibly es novato, se nota a ojos vistas he's new, you can see it a mile off [familiar/colloquial] comer con los ojos to ask for/take more than one can eat tú comes con los ojos your eyes are bigger than your belly comerse a algn con los ojos to devour sb with one's eyes echarle or (Colombia) ponerle el ojo a algo/algn to eye sth/sb up [familiar/colloquial] le tengo echado el ojo a ese vestido I have my eye on that dress echar un ojo a algo/algn [familiar/colloquial] to have o/or take a (quick) look at sth/sb engordar or distraer el ojo (Chile) [familiar/colloquial], engordé el ojo en la fiesta I had a great time eying up the talent at the party [familiar/colloquial] entrar por los ojos, a Pepe le entra la comida por los ojos Pepe will only eat his food if it looks nice estar con un ojo al gato y el otro al garabato (México/Mexico) [familiar/colloquial] to have one's mind on two things at the same time hay que estar or andar con cuatro ojos [familiar/colloquial] you have to keep your wits about you, you need eyes in the back of your head írsele los ojos a algn, se le van los ojos detrás de las mujeres he's always eyeing up women [familiar/colloquial] estaban comiendo helados y al pobre niño se le iban los ojos they were eating ice creams and the poor kid was looking on longingly mirar algo/a algn con otros ojos to look at sth/sb through different eyes o/or differently tener a algn entre ojos [familiar/colloquial] to have it in for sb [familiar/colloquial] tener ojos de lince orojo de águila to have eyes like a hawk tener ojos en la nuca to have eyes in the back of one's head ver algo con malos ojos to take a dim view of sth


    ojo a la funerala

    ojo a la virulé

    ojo avizor

    • ir/estar con ojo avizor to be alert hay que estar con ojo avizor you have to keep your wits about you o/or be alert

    ojo de agua

    ojo de buey

    ojo de cristal

    ojo de gallo

    ojo de gato

    ojo de la cerradura

    ojo de pescado

    ojo de pez

    ojo de tigre

    ojo de vidrio

    ojo en compota

    • (Cono Sur/Southern Cone) [familiar/colloquial] ojo morado

    ojo en tinta

    ojo mágico

    ojo morado

    ojo moro

  • 2 (perspicacia) ¡vaya ojo que tiene! he's pretty clever o sharp o on the ball! una mujer con mucho ojo para los negocios a very clever o/or sharp businesswoman tener (un) ojo clínico (ver bien) to have a good eye (ser perspicaz) to be sharp o/or clever
  • 3 [familiar/colloquial] (cuidado, atención) mucho ojo con lo que haces be careful what you do hay que andar or ir con mucho ojo you have to keep your eyes open, you have to have your wits about you ¡ojo! que aquí te puedes confundir watch out o/or be careful, it's easy to make a mistake here ¡ojo! que viene un coche watch out! o/or be careful! there's a car coming ojo, mancha or pinta wet paint

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