Translation of pecho in English:



  • (tórax) chest; (mama) breast dar (el) pecho a un niño to breast-feed o suckle o nurse a child en su pecho aún abrigaba la esperanza de volver [literary/literario] he still nursed in his breast the hope of returning [literary/literario] nadar (estilo) pecho to swim (the) breaststroke abrirle el pecho a algn [literary/literario] to unburden oneself to sb [literary/literario], to pour one's heart out to sb a pecho descubierto boldly echarse algo entre pecho y espalda or (Chi) mandarse algo al pecho [familiar/colloquial] [comida] to put sth away [colloquial/familiar] [bebida] to knock sth back [colloquial/familiar], to down [colloquial/familiar] partirse el pecho to knock oneself out [colloquial/familiar] nos partimos el pecho para terminarlo a tiempo we knocked ourselves out o (AmE) we worked our butts off trying to get it finished in time [colloquial/familiar] el equipo se partió el pecho para ganar the team went all out to win [colloquial/familiar] sacar pecho (literal) to stick one's chest out (vanagloriarse) (CS) [familiar/colloquial], to brag, show off le gusta sacar pecho con que el hijo es médico she likes to brag about her son being a doctor tomarse algo a pecho [crítica] to take sth to heart [responsabilidad] to take sth seriously se toma el trabajo demasiado a pecho she takes her work too seriously a lo hecho, pecho what's done is done no me gusta como lo han organizado pero a lo hecho, pecho I don't like the way it's been organized but we'll just have to live with it o we'll just have to make the best of a bad job tú les dijiste que sí, ahora a lo hecho, pecho you agreed to it and now you'll just have to go through with it

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