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Translation of pelo in English:

nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • 1, (de personas — filamento) hair; (de personas — conjunto) hair pelo rizado/liso or lacio curly/straight hair tengo que ir a cortarme el pelo I have to go and have my hair cut tiene un pelo divino she has lovely o/or beautiful hair tiene mucho pelo he has really thick hair siempre lleva el pelo suelto she always wears her hair down o/or loose me encontré un pelo en la sopa I found a hair in my soup al pelo [familiar/colloquial] great [familiar/colloquial] la falda le quedó al pelo the skirt looked great on her, she looked great in the skirt el dinero extra me viene al pelo the extra money is just what I need ¿cómo se portó el coche? — al pelo (Colombia) how did the car go? — just great o/or spot on [familiar/colloquial] andar or estar con los pelos de punta (Cono Sur/Southern Cone) [familiar/colloquial] to be in a real state [familiar/colloquial] caérsele el pelo a algn, se le está cayendo el pelo he's losing his hair como te descubran se te va a caer el pelo if you get found out, you'll be for it o/or you've had it [familiar/colloquial] con estos pelos [familiar/colloquial], ¡llegan dentro de media hora, y yo con estos pelos! they're arriving in half an hour and look at the state I'm in! con pelos y señales [familiar/colloquial], me contó su viaje con pelos y señales she gave me a blow-by-blow account of her trip, she described her trip down to the last detail lo describió con pelos y señales she gave a very detailed description of him de medio pelo [familiar/colloquial] [película/jugador] second-rate le regaló un anillo de medio pelo he gave her a rather tacky ring echar el pelo (Chile) [familiar/colloquial] to live it up [familiar/colloquial], to have a good time [familiar/colloquial] no tiene pelos en la lengua [familiar/colloquial] he doesn't mince his words no tiene/tienes (ni) un pelo de tonto [familiar/colloquial] you're/he's no fool, there are no flies on you/him [familiar/colloquial] no verle el pelo a algn [familiar/colloquial] not to see hide nor hair of sb [familiar/colloquial] hace mucho que no se le ve el pelo nobody's seen hide nor hair of him for ages ya no te vemos el pelo por aquí we never see you around here any more ponerle a algn los pelos de punta [familiar/colloquial] (aterrorizar) to make sb's hair stand on end [familiar/colloquial] (poner neurótico) (América Latina/Latin America) to drive sb crazy o/or mad una película que te pone los pelos de punta a spine-chilling movie por los pelos [familiar/colloquial] only just se libró por los pelos de que lo detuvieran he narrowly o/or only just escaped being arrested aprobó el examen por los pelos he just scraped through the exam (by the skin of his teeth) por un pelo (América Latina/Latin America) just me salvé por un pelo I escaped by the skin of my teeth [familiar/colloquial] perdí el autobús por un pelo I just missed the bus, I missed the bus by a few seconds por un pelo no llego al banco I only just got to the bank in time se me/le erizaron los pelos [familiar/colloquial] it sent shivers down my/his spine, it made my/his hair stand on end se me/le ponen los pelos de punta [familiar/colloquial] it sends shivers down my/his spine, it makes my/his hair stand on end tirado de los pelos [familiar/colloquial] farfetched tirarse de los pelos [familiar/colloquial], estaba que se tiraba de los pelos he was at his wit's end, he was tearing his hair out (in desperation) tirarse los pelos (de rabia) (Chile) [familiar/colloquial] to be furious tocarle un pelo a algn to lay a finger on sb tomarle el pelo a algn [familiar/colloquial], no va en serio, te están tomando el pelo they don't mean it, they're only joking o teasing o [familiar/colloquial] pulling your leg me están tomando el pelo, ya me han cambiado la fecha cuatro veces they're messing me around, this is the fourth time they've changed the date traído por or de los pelos farfetched el argumento es de lo más traído de los pelos the plot is very farfetched
  • 2 [familiar/colloquial] (poco) se han pasado un pelo they've gone a bit too far o/or (inglés británico/British English) [familiar/colloquial] a bit over the top no me fío (ni) un pelo de ese tipo I don't trust that guy an inch no quiso aflojar (ni) un pelo he refused to budge an inch te queda un pelito corta it's a tiny o/or a wee bit short for you

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