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Translation of pensar in English:

verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

  • 1.1 (razonar) to think pienso, luego existo I think, therefore I am no entiendo su manera de pensar I don't understand his way of thinking después de mucho pensar decidió no aceptar la oferta after much thought she decided not to accept the offer déjame pensar let me think siempre actúa sin pensar he always does things without thinking ¡pero piensa un poco! just think about it a minute! a ver si piensas con la cabeza y no con los pies [familiar/colloquial] [humorístico/humorous] come on, use your head o/or your brains! es una película que hace pensar it's a thought-provoking movie, it's a movie that makes you think pensar en algo/algn to think about sth/sb ¿en qué piensas? or ¿en qué estás pensando? what are you thinking about? ahora mismo estaba pensando en ti I was just thinking about you tú nunca piensas en mí you never think about o/or of me actúa sin pensar en las consecuencias she acts without thinking about o/or considering the consequences piensa en el futuro/tus padres think of o/or about the future/your parents se pasa la vida pensando en el pasado she spends all her time thinking about the past solo piensa en comer/divertirse all he thinks about is eating/having fun es mejor pensar en que todo saldrá bien it's better to believe o/or think that things will turn out all right in the end no quiero pensar en lo que habría ocurrido I don't even want to think o/or contemplate what would have happened 1.2 (esperar) to expect cuando menos se piensa puede cambiar la suerte just when you least expect it your luck can change 1.3 (creer) to think pensar mal/bien de algn to think ill o/or badly/well of sb es un desconfiado, siempre piensa mal de los demás he's really distrustful, he always thinks the worst of others dar que pensar, un libro que da mucho que pensar a very thought-provoking book, a book which provides plenty of food for thought o/or which makes you think su repentina amabilidad me dio que pensar his sudden friendliness made me think o/or set me thinking las prolongadas ausencias de su hija le dieron que pensar his daughter's prolonged absences aroused his suspicions piensa mal y acertarás if you think the worst, you won't be far wrong

verbo transitivo/transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (creer, opinar) to think pensé que la habías olvidado I thought you had forgotten it pienso que no I don't think so pienso que sí I think so yo pienso que sí, que deberíamos ayudarla personally, I think we should help her eso me hace pensar que quizás haya sido él that makes me think that perhaps it was him ¡tal como yo pensé! just as I thought! no vaya a pensar que somos unos malagradecidos I wouldn't want you thinking o/or to think that we're ungrateful no es tan tonto como piensas he's not as stupid as you think -esto se pone feo -pensó Juan this is getting unpleasant, thought Juan -es un estúpido -pensé para mis adentros he's so stupid, I thought to myself ¿qué piensas del divorcio? what do you think about divorce?, what are your views on divorce? ¿qué piensas del nuevo jefe? what do you think of the new boss? 1.2 (considerar) to think about aún no lo sé, lo pensaré I don't know yet, I'll think about it ¿sabes lo que estás haciendo? ¿lo has pensado bien? do you know what you're doing? have you thought it through o have you thought about it carefully o have you given it careful thought? piénsalo bien antes de decidir think it over before you decide pensándolo bien, no creo que pueda on second thought(s) o/or thinking about it, I don't think I can ¡pensar que ni siquiera nos dio las gracias …! to think he never even thanked us! solo de pensarlo me pongo a temblar just thinking about it makes me start trembling ¡ni pensarlo! or ¡ni lo pienses! no way! [familiar/colloquial], not on your life! [familiar/colloquial] no lo pienses dos veces don't think twice about it 1.3 (Colombia) [persona] to think about
  • 2 (tener la intención de) pensar + infinitivo/infinitive to think of -ing tú no estarás pensando irte a vivir con él ¿no? you're not thinking of going to live with him, are you? ¿piensas ir? are you thinking of going?, are you planning to go? no pienso esperar más de diez minutos I don't intend waiting o/or I don't intend to wait more than ten minutes tengo pensado hacerlo mañana I'm planning to do it tomorrow pensamos estar de vuelta antes del domingo we expect o/or plan to be back before Sunday mañana pensaba quedarme en casa I was thinking of staying at home tomorrow

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (pensarse)

  • (enfático) [familiar/colloquial] [decisión/respuesta] to think about tómate unos días para pensártelo take a few days to think about it o/or to think it over aún no lo sé, me lo voy a pensar I don't know yet, I'm going to think about it esto hay que pensárselo dos veces this needs to be thought through o/or given some (careful) thought

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