There are 2 translations of pie in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • 1 1.1 [Anatomía/Anatomy] foot no arrastres los pies don't drag your feet se rompió un dedo del pie he broke a toe tiene (los) pies planos she has flat feet se echó a sus pies [literario/literary] he threw himself at her feet [formal] a sus pies, señora [formal] at your service, madam [formal] 1.2 (en locuciones/in phrases) a pie on foot queda muy cerca, podemos ir a pie it's very near, we can walk o/or go on foot ¿vamos a pie o en coche? shall we walk or take the car? esta semana ando a pie (América Latina/Latin America) I'm walking everywhere this week a pie de una nota a pie de página a note at the foot of the page viviendas a pie de playa (España/Spain) houses with access to the beach oficina a pie de calle (España/Spain) office with direct access to the street una entrevista a piecalle (España/Spain) an interview in the street experimentos a pie de aula (España/Spain) experiments in the classroom al pie (Colombia) very close, just round the corner de pie standing estuvimos de pie casi dos horas we were standing (up) o/or we were on our feet for almost two hours tuvimos que viajar de pie todo el camino we had to stand all the way ponte de pie stand up en pie, estoy en pie desde las siete de la mañana I've been up since seven o'clock this morning ya no podía tenerme en pie I could hardly walk/stand, I was ready to drop solo la pequeña iglesia quedó en pie only the little church remained standing queda en pie la cita para mañana our date for tomorrow is still on mi oferta/la promesa sigue en pie my offer/the promise still stands ganado en pie (América Latina/Latin America) livestock, cattle on the hoof a pie pelado (Chile) barefoot, in one's bare feet a pie(s) juntillas, está siguiendo a pies juntillas las indicaciones de sus superiores he's following his bosses' instructions to the letter se cree a pies juntillas todo lo que le dicen he blindly believes every word he's told buscarle tres or cinco pies al gato [familiar/colloquial] (buscar complicaciones) to complicate matters, make life difficult (exponerse al peligro) to ask for trouble [familiar/colloquial] cojear del mismo pie [familiar/colloquial] to be two of a kind [familiar/colloquial], to be tarred with the same brush [familiar/colloquial] con buen pie or con el pie derecho, a ver si mañana nos levantamos con el pie derecho I hope things will get off to a better start tomorrow con los pies [familiar/colloquial] badly esta camisa la debes haber planchado con los pies this shirt looks as if you ironed it with your eyes closed una solicitud escrita con los pies a very poorly written letter of application el gerente lleva la empresa con los pies the manager is making a hash o/or mess of running the company [familiar/colloquial] con los pies por or para delante [familiar/colloquial] [eufemístico/euphemistic] feet first de esta casa me sacarán con los pies por delante they'll have to carry me out of this house feet first o/or in a box [familiar/colloquial] [eufemístico/euphemistic] con los pies sobre la tierra with one's feet on the ground tiene los pies bien puestos sobre la tierra she has her feet firmly on the ground con mal pie or con el pie izquierdo badly empezó con mal pie she got off to a bad start, she started badly hoy me levanté or empecé el día con el pie izquierdo I got up on the wrong side of the bed today (inglés norteamericano/American English) I got out of bed on the wrong side today (inglés británico/British English) con pie(s) de plomo [familiar/colloquial] very carefully o/or warily ándate con pies de plomo tread very warily o/or carefully dar pie a algo to give rise to sth su conducta dio pie a murmuraciones her behavior gave rise to o/or sparked off rumors no quiero que esto dé pie a una discusión I don't want this to cause o/or to be the cause of an argument darle pie a algn, no le des pie para que te siga criticando don't give him cause o reason o grounds to criticize you again de a pie common, ordinary el ciudadano de a pie the man in the street, the average man/person a mí me gusta hablar con la gente de a pie I like talking to ordinary people de la cabeza a los pies or de pies a cabeza from head to foot o/or toe, from top to toe [familiar/colloquial] echar pie atrás (Chile) to back down en pie de guerra on a war footing, ready for war, on full alert en (un) pie de igualdad on an equal footing, on equal terms estar a pie (Chile) [familiar/colloquial] to be lost [familiar/colloquial] estar atado de pies y manos to be bound hand and foot, have one's hands tied estar con un pie en el estribo [familiar/colloquial] to be about to leave me pillas con un pie en el estribo I was just on my way out o/or about to leave ya están con un pie en el estribo they're all set to go estar con un pie en la tumba or sepultura to have one foot in the grave hacer pie to be able to touch the bottom yo aquí no hago pie I can't touch the bottom here, I'm out of my depth here írsele los pies a algn, cuando empezó la música se me iban los pies once the music began I couldn't keep my feet still leche al pie de la vaca (América Latina/Latin America) milk fresh from the cow nacer de pie to be born under a lucky star no doy/da pie con bola [familiar/colloquial] I/he can't get a thing right no estirar los pies más de lo que da la frazada (Río de la Plata/River Plate area) [familiar/colloquial] to cut one's coat according to one's cloth no tener ni pies ni cabeza to make no sense whatsoever el ensayo no tenía ni pies ni cabeza the essay made no sense whatsoever o/or was totally unintelligible un plan sin pies ni cabeza a crazy o/or an absurd plan pararle a algn los pies (España/Spain) to take sb down a peg or two, put sb in his/her place [familiar/colloquial] perder pie (en el agua) to get out of one's depth (resbalarse) to lose one's footing (confundirse) to slip up pies de barro feet of clay un héroe con pies de barro a hero with feet of clay poner (los) pies en polvorosa [familiar/colloquial] to take to one's heels, make oneself scarce, hotfoot it [familiar/colloquial] poner los pies en un lugar to set foot in a place hoy no he puesto pie en la calle I haven't set foot outside the house today por mi/tu/su (propio) pie unaided, without any help saber de qué pie cojea algn (España/Spain) [familiar/colloquial] to know sb's faults o/or weak points salir por pies (España/Spain) [familiar/colloquial] to take to one's heels, make oneself scarce, hotfoot it [familiar/colloquial] ser más viejo que andar a pie (Cono Sur/Southern Cone) [familiar/colloquial] to be as old as the hills [familiar/colloquial]


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