There are 2 translations of posible in English:



  • possible ¿crees que se lo darán? — es posible do you think they'll give it to him? — they might (do) o it's possible su cambio de actitud hizo posible el diálogo his change of attitude made the talks possible, the talks were made possible by his change of attitude hazlo cuanto antes, hoy, a ser posible or (CS) de ser posible do it as soon as you can, today, if possible haré lo posible por or para ayudarte I'll do what I can to help you hicieron todo lo posible they did everything possible o everything they could prometió ayudarlo dentro de lo posible or en lo posible or en la medida de lo posible she promised to help him insofar as she was able [formal], she promised to do what she could to help (him) ¿que te preste más dinero? ¿será posible? [familiar/colloquial] you want me to lend you more money? I don't believe this! [colloquial/familiar] ¿que se ha casado? ¡no es posible! he's got(ten) married? I don't believe it! o that can't be true! o surely not! [colloquial/familiar] evitó una posible tragedia he averted a possible o potential tragedy llegó con posibles fracturas he arrived with suspected fractures ser posible (+ me/te/le etc), llámame en cuanto te sea posible call me as soon as you can ven antes si te es posible come earlier if you can no creo que me sea posible I don't think I'll be able to ser posible + inf to be possible to + inf es posible encontrarlo más barato it's possible to find it cheaper no fue posible avisarles it was impossible to let them know, there was no way of letting them know, we were unable to let them know (+ me/te/le etc) no me fue posible terminarlo I wasn't able to finish it, I couldn't finish it ¿le sería posible recibirme hoy? would it be possible for you to see me today?, would you be able to see me today?, could you see me today?ser posible que + subj ¿y tú, te lo crees? — es posible que sea cierto what about you, do you believe that? — well it might o may o could be true es posible que se haya roto en tránsito it may have got(ten) broken in transit ¿será posible que no se haya enterado? can it be possible that she hasn't found out?, can she really not have found out?, surely she must have found out! ¿será posible que te atrevas a hablarme así? how dare you speak to me like that?

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There are 2 translations of posible in English:



  • deben ser lo más breves posible they should be as brief as possible envíemelo lo más pronto posible send it to me as soon as possible intenta hacerlo lo mejor posible try to do it as well as you can o the best you can ponlo lo más alto posible put it as high as possible